Rick's Notes
August 2005



I set the Digibox to to record "Sliding Doors", though the weather was rather poor and the picture kept breaking up.

It turns out that the Digibox had rebooted itself about halfway through the film (grrr - can't it return to the channel you were watching if it forces itself to reboot?). Either way - WOW! Firmware update! Another one!

I cannot see any obvious change in the box's functionality - and you are still locked out of Other Channels until the box has loaded the channel listing.
But the EPG... goodness... what a change! The blue background has been lightened up and much more use has been made of contrast and transparency to make the whole thing look more up-to-date and breezy.
I'll get some pictures for around September 7th.

The details of the update are:

     Model number               1.3Z25
     Version number             9F0306
     Operating System Version   1.2S4FB
     EPG Software Version       3.3b.5
I like the way that the model number updates itself when the OS/EPG is updated. :-)


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