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May 2005



There has been little to report up until now. But hey - lots of things this time!

The short-lived 'Movies 333' has evolved into True Movies on channel #333. This shows American 'based-on-a-true-story' type movies. I have Untamed Love on a videotape (somebody gave it to me years ago), so I can imagine the content of this channel.
Possibly of slightly more interest are matineemovies and bad movies (channels #336 and #339 respectively) - but sadly they broadcast on the same transponder as nation217 - I've never been able to get a good signal of that.

Great reception, absolutely riveting television, oh yes!

One thing that was a worry to me are the proposed EPG updates this Autumn (sentences like that which veer from past tense to future tense are hellish to try to translate into another language!).
Apparently radio stations will have four-digit channel numbers and the EPG categories will be further split up. The four-digit channels certainly worried me as my Digibox doesn't do four-digit channels! But this week (today is Friday 13th May (wheeee!)) we old-Digibox users had an update, so there's hope for the future, yes?
Here are the system details of my box...

System details.

I don't know what behind-the-scenes stuff has changed, but from the front we can see in the picture options that there is a new option for on-screen icon timeout. Does this turn off the 'DOG' (channel identity) after a while? Probably not, but it might kill the 'press red' prompts...

Picture options.

In the subtitle and languages options, we have more to play with...

Subtitle options.
Of new interest is the 'narrative'. A rather cool feature is the 'highlighted programmes' option. If you set 'subtitled' and then look at most BBC programmes, you'll see them shown in garish blue on bright white. Every highlighted programme has subtitles. I didn't see narratives, yet, these will come to BBC sometime soon.


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