Rick's Notes
April 2005



You may have noticed I've been quiet for nearly a month. This doesn't mean the Digibox suddenly works, rather it means that nothing really has changed. It generally works during the day (thankfully, for Doctor Who and I keep my fingers well crossed for Eurovision 2005) but flakes out between 10pm (CET) and 3am (CET). The amount of flaking out various from momentary seize-ups to loss of signal for long durations (one was almost twenty minutes). Some nights worse than others. No obvious trend.

The Horror Channel reviews has been updated, and I am surprised to see that this version has broken the 100K barrier. Wow! There are nearly 60 pictures, and 39 reviews...

While we're on the subject of sizes - I am astonished to see that the marked up documents alone add up to more than 512K. That's not bad for a little development on 'how to set up a Digibox'... :-)


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