Rick's Notes
February 2005



Nothing on TV, so mom is watching a DVD ("Driving Miss Daisy" - one of her favourites). The Digibox is just sitting here. Alone. Lonely.
Seems as good a time as any to remove the wrapper and poke a video camera around it's innards...mmmm, how gynæcological!



It is ready!
A whole new section devoted to 'inside' the Digibox.
I'm sorry, by the way, for the two introduction screens. I didn't know which one I liked best, so I decided to use both. Actually, I think the BBCi montage one is kinda cute...



There was not one single Valentines card for me. Okay, I didn't send any either, so... If you happen to be in the age group, say, 20-40 (I'm 31) and single, with a good personality, then please email me! To get an idea of "my type of girl", we'll invent a scale with a stereotypical library assistant on the left and somebody like Denise Van Outen or Paula Yates on the right. Anybody who places themselves right-of-centre on this scale need not apply. :-)
For what it is worth, breast size is totally immaterial. I value personality more than the size of body parts.



Several additions to the Quibbles page, including a few imitations of the EPG display that took a bit of experimentation to get it to look 'correct' (in MSIE). I write this stuff by hand remember - no fancy web site design tools...



Just a few minor tweaks prior to uploading this update, including a ful spelchek. :-)



Clarified a few things in the 'setting up for 28.2' page.
Updated various minor things in the Rick perspective and the inside-the-Digibox.
Added lots of explanatory pictures to the explanation of video compression.
Added the reviews of THC movies as a little bonus!


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