Rick's Notes
October 2004



It works, it doesn't work, it works, it... same same.

Jiggled the channel list slightly and added the 'channel notes' document for a few things that don't really belong here and don't really belong in the channel list either.

Redid the entry Flash to (God help me for using this phrase) "sex it up" (excuse me while I vomit over myself). Right, anyway, the first one was playing around. This one has a bit more 'class' (that means 'it has pretty pictures'). Actually, there is more to it than you might first realise. :-)

Spell-checked the documents and added bits and pieces here and there. Gotta give them a polish once in a while, right?

We still have kittens if anybody is interested. Or was my French that bad? If you think the written form is poor, just wait 'til you hear me speak it!



Rewrote part of the "Rick's thoughts" page, and a few other small tidy-ups. Updated the game Flash.



I was unable to upload today's stuff as the router was playing up and making a 3Mb upload impossible...
...our little local town is (finally) getting ADSL. Yay! Surely it'll be better than the ISDN? Even if it only lasts for five minutes at a stretch, the additional bandwidth should mean that I can get the file uploaded in that time. :-)



More updates to the two Flash bits. A nicer picture sequence for the intro Flash, and some built-in help for the game Flash.
Minor updates.



BBC World Service is no more on Astra 1. Ba**ards!
Added GOTV to the channel list, and removed France 5.
Final (hopeful!) modifications to the game Flash, mainly to work around smart-ass users that would try 'Play' on a static frame! There's an Easter Egg in each. Can you find them?
Replaced the 'channel loss bug' document. Further experience showed the previous thoughts to be bogus (well, I never claimed to be perfect!).

The interesting thing is that my Digibox has been more-or-less working for almost a month on Astra 19.2°E. From time to time it loses the signal, maybe for minutes and maybe for hours. This is because the dish was aligned nearly a month ago for 19.2°E analogue - and we've had a few gales since. I'm surprised it can receive at all!
I really want to watch The Horror Channel on 28.2°E, but I have a pet theory. Yes, another one. I'll tell you about it later on.
So I'll stay with 19.2°E for a while, and maybe (if I can be bothered) go and make sure my dish is optimally aligned. It is pouring down outside, so I think I'll go make a cup of tea instead - much more fulfilling!


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