PSU and expansion

The power supply (front, right) and expansion module (upper left)
In this picture you can see part of the tuner (upper left). Beside that is the expansion module slot. I think this is based upon the PCMCIA specification. This was, apparently, touted as being a way to provide interfacing with services such as digital terrestial television, or perhaps crypto cards for other services (such as Canal+), but this does not seem to ever have been implemented. Certainly there are various difficulties (digital terrestrial is incompatible, and nothing encrypted besides SkyDigital is available at 28.2°E).

Much of the rest of the picture - the right and the foreground - is the power supply. The four rectifier diodes (just visible in front of the orange/brown transformer) are a good place to tap off power (+8V, +16V, and -8V), but as you would expect the layout and availability will vary greatly from model to model...

The serial port.Of interest to me, also, is the serial port which is nestled here beside the electrically noisy high-voltage power supply.
Don't get me wrong - this isn't 'unsafe', it just seems like an odd place to put it considering. I guess the decision was dictated by the layout of the back of the Digibox.


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