The modem

The modem circuitry.
Here, on the left and lower part of this picture, you can see the modem. Powered by a Lucent chip, the Digibox offers a V.34 (33,600bps) modem. It is primarily used to contact Sky to change certain settings (such as your PIN) and to order pay-per-view programming. You can also dial into services for interactive content, games, and even to read your emails.

The main IC in the modem circuitry. One of the main differences between the Sky Digibox and other digital receivers (including PPV types such as, for example, Canal+) is that the OpenTV system provided within the Digibox implements TCP/IP. This has taken the Sky version of OpenTV in a different direction to the rest of Europe, which is why a Sky Digibox will never be able to access European content, and why European digital receivers will never be able to access interactive content on the Sky platform; but then again the Digibox is squarely targetted at the Sky service and nothing else - for example the encryption system only exists in the Sky Digibox and is not available as a plug-in for other receivers... so in reality it is an enhancement of the service.
On the right is a close-up of the Lucent IC.

By the way, the big silver thing at the top of the picture is the UHF system; an input (pass-through) from other devices or an antenna, and two outputs one of which can carry power for the "Digilink" device.


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