Inside the Digibox... (disclaimer)
Inside the Digibox BSkyB 2500B (click a highlighted area for further information)
Here we see the insides of a standard Pace BSkyB 2500B digital satellite receiver ("Digibox"). Click on any of the highlighted areas for further information; or click here to view the above image without guidelines.


It is well known by now that many Grundig GDS200 receivers have not received/accepted the latest firmware updates, hence why you'll find many being flogged off cheaply!
My friend had one, and when he got his new receiver, he decided it was 'safe' to open up the old Grundig (wuss, I'd have had that baby open the day I got it! <grin>). But let's not say too much, he did open it up so he could take a many-megapixel picture of its insides for me!


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