I am not a Digibox repairer, nor am I employed or connected with Pace. All I have done is to look around the circuitry inside my receiver and to make (I hope) intelligent guesses as to what each part does and how it interacts with the rest of the system.
The thoughts expressed here are purely my opinions and do not represent anything 'official'.
In common with the rest of HeyRick, the information given here is presented in good faith; though I cannot guarantee its accuracy - I may be entirely wrong... I can accept no liability for incorrect information made available here, though if you bring the error to my attention, I will correct it so everybody can benefit.

Finally, I present this look inside my Digibox so if you get the urge to take yours apart - you don't need to bother!
Note, however, the different boxes are built in different ways (even those from the same manufacturer) so your box's innards (and even some of the 'critical parts') may be entirely different...
That said, it isn't really a big deal if your box is different inside - one processor is much the same as another really: a big black square thing with a gazillion little metal legs, like a mathematician's idea of a perfect millipede! :-)


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