Multi-satellite, part 2

(10th March 2008)


Let the fun and games commence

As discussed in part one, a DiSEqC switch was purchased and installed to a single LNB system to permit the reception of both Sky's FTA channels, and a range of American/French/German/Spanish channels on Astra 19.2°E.

The switch box cannot work miracles, so the way it works is to have a second LNB.

At this time, my setup looks like this:

My current system.

What I will need to do is to work out some method of fitting a second LNB roughly as shown in magenta in the picture below. The criteria are demanding. It must be stable, it must be reasonable wind-resistant, it must be accurate, and it cannot be heavy.

My current system with secondary LNB marked.

The current line of thinking is to have some sort of 'clip' on to the existing arrangement to hold the newer LNB in place. I do not know exactly where the LNB will sit so I would prefer to make it adjustable. Weight is an issue as it will be hanging off the existing arm, possibly clipped to the existing LNB.

Perhaps a more sound idea would be that which Ewen has taken, to have a second pole to the other LNB. This has been rejected due to lack of available materials and a mounting point. If you look the the pictures above, you'll see that the only solid anchor point below the perimeter of the dish is a horizontal section of the mounting, and it is not at a conventient angle. Ewen, by contrast (and from memory) has an up-and-down mounting pole to which a secondary LNB arm could be attached.

I envisage a number of light aluminium bolts and a cannibalised coat hanger. I have a rough idea of how this will all fit together in my head, I'm just not 100% certain if it will work in practice, especially regarding accuracy.


You can see what I came up with in part three.


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