The Eurovision Song Contest 2008


As far as I am concerned, RadioTimes ('radio times', or 'rah-dee-oh-tim-eez' as many industry insiders call it) is the premiere British listings magazine.
I first started getting it when my Digibox stopped working so I would know what is on and when. I find the downwards listings (like practically every listings magazine published!) to be a lot easier to get on with.
What I especially like is that it is extremely clear, easy on the eyes, printed on decent weight paper, all the programming for the majority channels begins on the left of the column (instead of following on from the previous info which can be hellish to read). The descriptions given are of sufficient detail. It is an all-round nice magazine with only two little things I would adjust:
I noticed, by the way, that the first of the FilmFour reviews has shrunk so "Dave" could fit in. What the hell is Dave? Tell me somebody didn't call a TV channel Dave!?


You will probably get the impression that the British, who moan so much about the bloc voting tend to be rather disparaging about the contest, using words like kitsch and ridiculous.


The week of 17-23 May (semi-finals)

From RadioTimes 2008#21 9-770961-886142.

The first semi-final (p98), and the associated 'choice' highlight (p99):

The second semi-final (p118):


The week of 24-30 May (grand final)

From RadioTimes 2008#22 9-770961-886159.

An article about the contest (p18-19), left of a double-page-spread:

And the right-hand side:

The 'pick' of the day (p58; picture omitted, it is just Andy and Wogan in front of a glowing flag, email if you want this included):

The grand final (p60; edited to cut out programming between the picture and the programme entry):


The week of 7-13 June (after the contest)

From RadioTimes 2008#24 9-770961-886159.

The reader's letters, covering both opinions.
This is not an original scan. Parts from p160 and p161 were combined and rejigged to make a more compact image.

The first letter (Michael Gray) is fairly typical of the Wogan supporters, making such statements as "his unfailing way of predicting who will vote for whom" which is nonsense - if you read my comments in my review of the final results, I have pointed out numerous things that Sir Terry has called wrongly, and in some cases verging on a total lack of observation - was he even bothering to look at things or was his conspiracy theory more fun? Oh, and you cannot say "he got it right about Cyprus giving 12 to Greece". I can predict fairly confidently that if Greece is in the 2009 contest, Cyprus will offer them 12 points...


In the middle of the letters page is a "Your TV and Radio Questions Answered" section, part of which talks about the unfortunate audio problems with the HD broadcast.
If you recall last year, I commented that the BBC One audio sounded 'muffled' compared to the interactive audio. I guess this year the HD viewers got the raw deal. Great pictures, lame sound...?


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