The Eurovision Song Contest 2004



It is, possibly, sad that I have to write this, but here goes...

There are several comments made in the main text referring to Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus. I was under the impression that Cyprus was somehow 'connected' with Greece - perhaps as a dependency or something; and a while back the Turks basically stomped in and claimed half of the country as theirs and it hasn't been entirely peaceful since.

I have had an email correcting me on that, that Cyprus is entirely autonymous to Greece; and while we're at it, some of the things that Turkey gets up to. If his descriptions are accurate, it does actually make me wonder why Israel and Palestine make the television news while these other things don't - perhaps (let's put the cat among the pigeons) it is due to America's self-interest in Israel? Or maybe it is just that nobody in the media really cares about Greece/Cyprus/Turkey?

[I have not amended the original text, I will let my mistakes speak for themselves]

Either way, he then carries on in a more accusatory tone remarking that I, as a British person, am somehow responsible for these things. That I, because of my country, am guilty of various things.

To my mind, this is about as good as beating up any muslim we happen to see because - hey - all them there muslims are terrorists, right?
That is probably the sort of logic that causes these stupid conflicts in the first place.

I have no real idea of the bulls**t my (British) government is up to; and the continuing stream of lies and counter-accusations regarding the recent débacle in Iraq just makes me cringe.
Certainly do not accuse me of conflict in Cyprus, or Greece, or anywhere. My personal opinion is that conflict and war are the last options open to failed politicians, those who are unable or too stupid to negotiate for the way things should be.
Do I want to see Cyprus split in half?
Do I want to see bombs being dropped?
Do I want to see Iraq destroyed in the name of freedom? And all these smug gits telling us how better things are with Saddam gone, while the news reports show the exact opposite?
Do I want to live in a world where we'll end up sacrificing any privacy we may think we have in the name of some exhaggerated and largely imagined fear?
What do you think?


Our leaders may do bad things, or they may do even worse things by omission. Please do not tar the rest of us with the same thoughts and angers. After all, some of us were smart enough not to vote for the idiots in the first place, not that that'll make you sleep better at night...


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