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Did you come here from PlingStore?
If you did, then you might like to know that there is a
newer version of Ovation available.
Look at the navigation bar on the right (in desktop
mode) and you will see a link under the calendar that
says "Get Ovation DTP vx.xx".
That will always point to the latest version available.

心♥心♥ Ovation 1.53RM - some bugs quashed ♥心♥心

This release is concerned with resolving a few bugs, primarily the corruption of the Styles menu if there are many fonts installed, and corruption in numerous places if the file leafnames are long. In the latter case, here is the "File info..." window when using a file with a name that is 135 characters long (when_it_comes_to_insanely_long_filenames_designed_to_cock_up_software_this_ought_to_be_more_than_sufficient_to_cause_terminal_heartburn):
And here is how it looks now:
It is worth pointing out that internally, Ovation reserves 128 characters for the filename, and will have then written 136 characters (135 plus terminator) so who knows what that would have trashed...

Also, for some reason you could choose styles and effects from the menu and click them with Adjust (to keep the menu open) and by doing that, the styles wouldn't actually be applied even though the menu would indicate otherwise.


Here's what's new:

2016/02/14 v1.53RM *released*

* Fixed Style menu where it could say "Kerningg".

* Changed Style/Font/Size menus so that the effects happen immediately when
  you Adjust-click (on a selection). I don't know why this was being
  inhibited, the menu was changing but the actual content wasn't, which was
  just odd. So now it works.
  Tested by selecting a large chunk of text from an issue of Frobnicate and
  pretty much Adjust-clicking on every menu option in sight. ☺

* Fixed main editor window title routine so large filenames appear as the
  first nine characters followed by "..." instead of trashing the window

* Fixed the file information window likewise, as this trashing was a lot
  more obvious.

* Ovation will refuse to load files with filenames > 127 characters (that's
  the entire filename, not just the leaf). Hardcoded limits are 128 (inc.
  terminator) and there are places where this is strcpy'd around, so making
  assumptions is going to be unwise...
* Allocated more space (16KiB instead of 4KiB) in a yucky kludge to get
  styles to work correctly when there are many fonts installed on a system.

* Tweaked Ovation's WimpSlot. The least it'll start up with is 540KiB, and
  it claims ~80KiB on top to require 640KiB minimum...


Now for the downloads:

  • The application! (344KiB, zip) - unzip it, run it, enjoy it.
    (this should be a complete, self contained, version of Ovation; tested on my Pi...)

  • The source code! (416KiB, zip) - this is one for the geeks.
    (note that this version of the source builds as a DDE application from a MakeFile; it is a bit different to David's original code)


This version of Ovation has some measure of support for UTF-8 text, and RISC OS doesn't even need to be in the UTF-8 "alphabet". More info here.



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David Pilling, 16th February 2016, 02:41
More sins... 128 chars was a lot back then. Filenames where 10 chars. Saving memory was more important. 
The adjust menu thing - surprising - dim worry that it might be a feature. Duuno I'd have to look at the code. 
Anon, 17th February 2016, 23:15
Thinking back to the days of WIMP programming on the Arc... I added a really simple tweak to PROCwimp_seticontext() to stop this happening: 
where XX was the offset that held the length of the indirection buffer. I forget the specifics now, it's been 15 years since I did any RISC OS programming. But you get the idea? Right?
Rick, 17th February 2016, 23:26
I can't help but feel that should be (block%!XX - 1), to allow for the terminator byte...

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