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McGoodbye McDo, hello KFC

I eat in McDonald's a lot. That doesn't mean I particularly like it, it just means I don't have much choice of alternatives. On Saturday, we were served this pitiful amount of chips (it's supposed to be the large size):
McStingy with the McChips!

Today, after the first vide grenier of the year (more on that later) plus a welcome number of signs that this crappy winter is on the way out, I said "there's a McDo about five kilometres away". At least they are fairly homogenous, a Big Mac is a Big Mac. I'm sure I could get one in Paris, Brest, Madrid, Tōkyō or Stockholm...and they'd all look pretty much the same. Plus, it saves cooking something when I didn't feel like it.

We never made it. As we drove down the road, this apparition appeared:

K, F, and C.

It took less than a heartbeat to decide "screw McDo". And I don't mean as a "let's eat here today". This place is about 30 miles away but it is very easy to get to, and not an unpleasant drive. I can forsee our patronising here in the future.

I knew there were KFCs in places like Nantes, but they never seemed to be in places that weren't going to be hellish to get to, plonked in big commercial parks hanging off of ring roads that you don't wanna know about in rush hour. And here, creeping away closer to the more rural parts, was a KFC.

So in essence we (my mother and I) have waited over a long damned decade to enjoy the Colonel's chicken. And, I tell you, it didn't disappoint. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Tasty, generous, chips that weren't hollow inside. A drink that we could fill up as we wanted (I had a large Pepsi with my meal, and took half a large Orangina for the journey home), sauces/dips that didn't taste chemically. The only thing missing was the side order of BBQ Beans, but I think they wouldn't be understood in France! We had a bucket for two, and the price was more or less on par with McDo, but we both left feeling full. I might have contemplated a desert, but I really didn't feel like I needed one.

A nice day out all around, oh yes.


Nights then holiday!

We used to have to use up our "hours in advance" by the end of the tax year. Since Mr. Hollande's government seems to be making some damn weird decisions of late (and possibly listening a little too much to the employer's union "MEDEF" (wasn't this Prez supposed to be socialist?!?)), it is perhaps no surprise that we are now to use up our "days of paid holiday" as well. I had rolled over from past years nine days. But, thanks to the new legislation, I can no longer to that. Everything must be zero for the new tax year.
Which means I work 10am-5:45pm on Monday and Tuesday; then 9pm-4:30am on Wednesday and Thursday, and 8pm-3:30am on Friday (three nights covering my old cow-orker who also has time owing); then...

I have the rest of March off as paid holiday! Whoo! This'll never happen again (we only get five weeks in a year holiday; usually 3 for summer, 1 for winter, and the other is split between taking odd days in between religious holidays (like if it is on a Thursday, we might not work the Friday) and my own choice of days off in the year). So I'm going to enjoy my holiday!

I also plan to tidy up a bunch of crap in boxes so I can set up a desk for development work and also a place for my keyboard. It would be nice by the window, don't you think?


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Punk, 8th March 2013, 17:38
You've made me hungry. Kentucky Fried Chicken - yummy. Full of fat and bad for you but oh so delicious. Wonder why they changed it to KFC? Trendy to do so perhaps? Or maybe Europe declared it illegal. Question. Does the Chicken come from Kentucky? A: No. Do you import the secret coating from Kentucky? A:?. Do you fry the chicken in Kentucky?? Err..? Is it even chicken ? ;-) Then you have to call change your store name to "Kentucky style recipe fried chicken but definately not from Kentucky"!!!
joe, 9th March 2013, 11:07
Microwaved chicken, dipped in secret recipe and deep fried, tasts like sawdust, when you remove the coating, have you ever seen, how they grow these chickens, full of hormones and antibiotics. 
I know that Ronald destroied the rainforest and created pastures for their cows in South America. 
I have never ordered any food in "American Embassy" exept for an ice cream, coffee and orange juice with no ice cubes. I have eaten once at KFC, in South Africa, it was International Women Day, only KFC was open during lunch time, I gave the food away to some homeless people, would you belive, they were white men?
Rob, 27th March 2013, 09:19
KFC? The one near me, next door to a McD, has such a variable quality that we seldom partake. Often it's greasy chicken pieces with barely any meat, chips that taste of cardboard, bland coffee.. at least the Zinger Burger is usually nice. 
I won't say much about your McD being "only 5km away" - you really do live in the middle of nowhere, don't you! Within about 5.4Km we have *17* of them.. (and 8 KFCs)

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