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Work woes? Almost, but not quite...

When we went in, we were called up for a bit of chocolate on the side of a table, but they didn't know which one of us to talk to as the girl that spotted it didn't remember where, or if said table was there from the previous night. Otherwise, superb. ☺☺

Today was a test. A test in much the opposite direction. The girls on production didn't really finish until around quarter past five. I guess the yoghurt-machine blew up again? I don't know, I wasn't there from 7am. What I do know is the left, with a wake of chocolate-disaster trailed across the factory. My God, did they bathe in it or what? There was chocolate stuck to places where chocolate ought not be.
[get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about places on the equipment/walls; not places on a girl (but I guess that would hurt, no?!?!)]
We had a bit of a last-minute rush, but we got it done, checked all was okay, and clocked out at 10.33pm.

What worries me is the 'weekly' jobs. I think we'd better start doing those maybe one per day instead of (what I can imagine) "Oh look, it's Friday, time to do a hundred extra things".

It is interesting to note that my cow-orker does "condi"(tionment) while I do "prod"(uction). He worked in condi, knows the girls, knows the equipment and the routine. I, on the other hand, worked prod and know all the nooks and crannies and places where the water has to be swished contrary to what might seem obvious. No, we don't tend to work together. There is no heavy lifting involved, so it works fine if we get on and do our own bit. As an added bonus, if one of us screws up, the other won't be told off for it. There's a tick-list and cow-orker writes "OK" and I write "Rick", so it is clear who-did-what. I just wish... well, I wish two things:

  • Firstly, I wish he'd stop coming to me bang on the allocated break time and asking if I will be coming on break. I prefer to break at a natural pause in what I am doing. As we don't work together, and he smokes, why the requirement to break at exactly the same time? Five/ten minutes here or there isn't going to end the world.
  • And also, I kinda wish I could pop my MP3 player into one ear, get some soundtrack to what I'm doing. On a day with chocolate everywhere and late, well, that's begging for a bit of Sarah Maclachlan, don't you think?

And so, day two. To give you an idea of what we're talking, it takes about 30 girls (production, plus about 10-odd in condi) a nine hour shift to make a mess that it takes the two of us seven hours to clean up! ☺


At the Noz again

You may recall me mentioning the "Noz", perhaps in Frobnicate? It's a shop that's a sort of bazaar of end-of-line and/or reject... well... junk. Like a giant thrift shop but the prices aren't fixed at a pound for everything.

I found some Magi Cannuccia (cannuccia aromatizzata per Latte - gusto biscotti panna). It's a big plastic straw with stuff inside. Dip it into milk, drink through it, instant biscuit flavour. And quite nice too.
If you're wondering about Italian stuff turning up here, perhaps you could explain the Waitrose organic jam? It was some yucky flavour like blackcurrant, so I didn't get it. Might have been tempted if it was raspberry or, at a push, peach.

Something I was pleased to find, for €0,95 each, was a two-part manga based upon the Ju-On films. This was a fairly impressive, if complicated, J-horror film; perhaps better known as "The Grudge" in its Sarah Michelle Gellar remake? Well, part one at least. The sequels were somewhat different. Anyway, this is a manga based upon the original film. Dialogue (speech bubbles) in French. What d'you expect? ☺ At least it isn't 結婚し !


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