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Entries in July 2008...
  • 2008/07/02 - My geek test - results, maïze (again), and "principle" vs "principal".
  • 2008/07/04 - A letter too late, and "incompetent".
  • 2008/07/05 - The Tour de France (with some nice pictures), and "parsomonious".
  • 2008/07/06 - Daft Recycler restriction, and "nowadays".
  • 2008/07/08 - Tetanus injections with extras, why Frenchies don't pull sickies, and RadioTimes available in France.
  • 2008/07/09 - An ANPE meet, Minix3, YouTube, 'if you have nothing to fear you have nothing to hide', and "propensity".
  • 2008/07/11 - Eggs and baskets when on the job hunt, why I don't like babies, and "disseminate".
  • 2008/07/15 - Playing around - a nice photo of me NOT sitting in front of a computer!
  • 2008/07/16 - The geek job falls through, what options now?
  • 2008/07/18 - The frozen-products job - first meeting, オタク (otaku), and "arduous".
  • 2008/07/21 - The frozen-projects job - recruitment test, nifty networking, idiot drivers, and "frenetic".
  • 2008/07/22 - Field fire! And "reciprocal".
  • 2008/07/24 - The frozen-products job - test results, my address is secret, ADSL maybe-baby, and "discombobulate".
  • 2008/07/26 - Euro vs Franc vs Old Francs, Windows defrags, Windows 2 (OMG!!!), and "emulation".
  • 2008/07/27 - Field fire - the culprit, and adventures in SW radio.
  • 2008/07/29 - A ginormous caterpillar, air-stream skies, and "placid".
  • 2008/07/31 - Bouncy castle madness fixed?, Hammond sells out, thanks for the 399W, and "homogenous".
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