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ARMwiki - ARM processor wiki
articles and information relating to the ARM processor

Account creation temporarily disabled

Even though the Create Account page states, quite clearly, that users cannot make edits without asking me for edit rights, I still get several accounts a day created (perhaps this is spun out off-shore to some shady outfit that pays a penny per spam to a bunch of people who know their way around MediaWiki but can't read English?).
The big clue is that the user name and the email address bear absolutely no relationship - especially when a number of recent users give the same email address at the domain (seems to be a site flogging Canon EOS T3 cameras - would this have been the spam?).
Anyway, for now, account creation has been disabled. I'm going to go through and clear out users where there's a huge disparity between user name and email information (like one's a boy and one's a girl...!). I'll also look to see about hardening the registration process.

If you are a bona-fide person who wishes to join ARMwiki, Email me...

EU legislation regarding cookies

If you browse ARMwiki as a non-logged in user, no cookies will be set. If, however, you create an account or log in, several cookies will be set in order that you may be identified to the server (for editing content, etc).
The version of MediaWiki that I am using has no intrinsic mechanism for requesting your consent to the use of cookies; therefore it will be assumed that if you create an account and/or log in, you consent to having cookies from ARMwiki placed on your machine.
Please scroll down in order to read more about this.


IntroductionAn introduction to the ARM, and ARMwiki.
The ARM familyARM processor types/families.
Instruction setThe ARM instruction set.
Using RISC OSARM programming under RISC OS.
Using Linux & WindowsARM programming under Linux and Windows.
TutorialsStep by step tutorials.
Example codeExample code (currently predominantly RISC OS).
Related sitesOther ARM-related sites and resources.

Content wanted!

ARMwiki is always looking for user contributions. If you have anything to add, please do. To help spark your creative juices, please browse the list of pages that have not yet been written that are cited by existing pages. When writing pages, please follow the style guide.

Please note: You must be a signed-in user who has contacted me for Contributor level access in order to create or edit content.

Copyright infringment? Request for Content Removal


With reference to the recent European Directive on the use of cookies, please be aware that ARMwiki may use cookies to uniquely identify you. This is necessary as registered users log in, have preferences, and the ability to edit pages. Cookies will be required to manage these activities.

There is no mechanism for you, the user, to explicitly "consent" to having cookies stored. However, if you have come here as an anonymous user, no cookies will have been placed on your machine. It is only when you create an account or login that the cookie is required. Therefore, it will be assumed that logging into ARMwiki is giving consent to having ARMwiki manipulate and store its own cookies on your computer.

Four cookies are stored, all beginning with irreleva_mysql followed by a bunch of numbers. This is a reference to the underlying database upon which ARMwiki is based. The cookies are Token, UserID, UserName, and session. Their function should be clear from the names. Check what cookies are being stored on your computer (this is a how-to, not some sort of script).

Feel free to wipe off the cookies at any time, or to configure your browser to retain cookies from this site on a session-by-session basis. It will not hurt anything, all you'll need to do is log in again.

Alternatively, you may block cookies from ARMwiki (exactly how depends upon your browser), but please be aware that your ability to interact with this site may be somewhat diminished without the use of cookies.

ARMwiki does not contain embedded advertising, therefore there are no issues with third-party cookies.

You may read the full (and rather boringly verbose) directive at:

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