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Bad people do bad things

Bad things, defined as follows (non-exhaustive list):

  • Plagarise content for wiki articles.
  • Don't bother to check the return flags to see if an error occured.
  • Download Microsoft Office from a torrent when OpenOffice is free, legal, and better.
  • Break a cute girl's heart.
  • Only change their underwear once a week.
  • Write x86 code when nobody is looking.
  • Aspire to managerial positions.

People who perform bad things (such as the above, and others), will feel the full retribution of karma invading their lives. Symptoms such as:

  • Compiles inexplicably fail.
  • After a fruitless all-night debugging session, magically everything works, but you'll have a troubled mind for it could just as easily cease working.
  • Failure to remember STM/LDM suffixes and punctuation.
  • Your computer explodes when you press the power button.

Given the example lists of causes and symptoms above, the solution ought to be obvious...

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