Webite 1.49 release notes


This release is intended to be a stop-gap. If all goes well, version 1.50 will appear, but we need code and coders!

Please note that you cannot use multiple browser windows if you have the disc cache configured (it is on by default). Also note that the documentation is incorrect with regard to mailto configuration.

It is intended that releases from this site can be considered more useful than Jon Ribben's original release, which was available from ftp.doggysoft.co.uk.

Changes in this version


Nothing else is relevant for this 'stop gap' edition. For now, please see the 1.46 and 1.47 release notes if you want more information. It is greatly hoped that 1.50 can happen soon.


25th March 2002, rebuilt 'module' (binary) and 'CommonWk' (source) so that the eggtimer links to the new URL at http://www.heyrick.co.uk/assember/sw/webite/